To Donate


TRUKPAC is the Ohio based non-partisan political action committee for the trucking industry. Funds are generated by the contributions from individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LPAs, LLCs, and LLPs who want to support candidates who support the trucking industry.

TRUKPAC is how our industry contributes to members of the Ohio Legislature, Ohio elected officials, and Ohio Supreme Court justices who make important decisions that will profoundly impact the trucking industry and your businesses. These funds are distributed directly to candidates based on the recommendations of the Ohio Trucking Association lobbying team and approved by a committee of trucking company professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the Ohio political landscape. 

It is critical to support candidates who will consider our views.  When debating important issues having a relationship that is built on mutual support is essential to insuring that the voice of the trucking industry is heard. 

TRUKPAC is registered with the Ohio Secretary of State and is bound by the state of Ohio fundraising laws and reporting requirements.

Funds are raised throughout the year at membership renewal, www.trukpac.us, or during a number of events.